Entertainment franchise an excellent opportunity to entertain the society

Frenzied from hectic lifestyle and busy scheduled, watching a movie would be handful idea to get rid of tension and cool your mind. There are lots of means of entertainment in present era; individuals have wide range of options to entertain themselves.  With technological advancement, amplified penetration of mobile phones, growth of audio and video streaming platform; the Entertainment franchise opportunity is flooded in the market. The entertainment industry has covered a massive range of activities and individuals may opt for mesmerising choices like amusement centres, kid’s zone, clubs, multiplex, etc. The industry is increasing at a rapid rate, number of national and international players have already started their operations.

Connect Franchise

What the industry says?

The media and entertainment industry is phenomenally grown with a compound annual growth rate of 14 percent. The industry is comprises of various segments include: television, print and media. In addition, gaming, radio, animation, music, visual effects (VFX) and so on are the smaller segments of the industry. With increasing income and challenging lifestyle, the Indian media and entertainment has registered unprecedented growth in present scenario. Talking about revenue generation, Rs 1158 billion is earned in 2015 and it may reach to over 2260 billion by year 2020. Another interesting fact is that India has dominated third position in terms of revenue worldwide.

With increased interest of general public in entertainment related stuffs there has been plethora of franchise opportunities is knocking the door. Entertainment is vital part of daily lifestyle without this one cannot imagine a single day. Whooping business opportunities are raining in the market it is better to utilize business model of any franchise to serve the locals. Connect franchise, a world renowned organization in context of franchising has number of brands in various segments of the industry. It is crucial to associate with experienced ones to get handful suggestions.


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