Demand of ready to eat mount watering fast food franchise

Golgappa, Panipuri or Pahuka whatever name used by people but this food item has its own fan following. Even the famous bollywood stars are die heart fan of it. Consumers are mesmerised by the different flavours and taste offers on the streets of India. But as compared to variety fast food cuisines this desi Indian snack is much tastier and high selling item with reasonable costs. From past years it holds the honour of best street food but in recent times it has penetrated &B sector in almost all segments from restaurants to the famous malls. Literally, it has evolved all section of Indian society and maintains consumers demand over the decades. Chatar patar known as India’s first Golgappa store has developed a clear cut strategy that works perfectly to bridge the gap between consumer expectation and satisfaction efficiently.

Despite of hygiene concerns people are always ready to stand in queue to eat this delicious and yummy cuisine. At Chatar Patar it is most affordable item and delivered fresh to the customer. High customizable services are offered as per customers need. There are varieties presented like sweet pucka for the kids, spicy for the young blood and toppings like onions, potato, bondi and curd as per customer’s preferences. Nevertheless the demand for the famous for the king of street food has never turn down. With the entrance of industry players into this unorganized market share there is prominence for growth has been noted. Well the ready-to made food has found place in international market also. One can experience availability of golgappa in global economies too. People always treated it as most amicable part of their daily routines. After a long hectic week a twist to the tongue with yummy and tasty panipuri must. Hence immense business opportunities are likely to wait for you that needs to be capitalized.


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