Outstandingly Growing hair and skin clinic market in India

There has been a boom for beauty and wellness products in India.  Specially, both men and women are willing to spend huge amount on hair and skin treatment. Looking at the rising demand several popular hair and skin clinic have been opened in the country to cool down growing desire of both men and women to look stylish and beautiful. Indian population specifically age group between 20 to 35 spend quite high amount in buying beauty products as well as get consultation from experts for skin and hair related problems. One of the Indore based professional told that men are coming up with huge of removing hair from chest, ears and back, and women want to get rid of skin related issues.

One more things, Indian society especially youth are highly influenced by famous bollywood starts. Whatever they advertised, whether it is beauty products, skin related solutions or other stuffs gain popularity among crowd. People want to use same products as their familiar stars used and also they copy their hair styles. Hence demand for hair and skin clinic are high rising in recent times. Furthermore, global beauty market may cross $ 270 billion in 2017. According to experts, continuously changing lifestyle, rising consumer income and favorable demographics are considered as key drivers for expansion of global beauty care products industry.

Several hair care brands have recognized growing demand of consumers and are offering good services which never been experienced. Young generation living in metropolitan cities have wide range to options due to presence of number of national and global brands to serve their appetite. In addition, print media industry like newspaper, magazines and ads have influenced the thinking of modern consumers. You may have noticed that rather than using natural products consumers are betting high on products which are made from chemicals. So we should realize what benefits us or what not.


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