Emergence of fitness and Gym franchisee across the globe

Emergence of fitness and Gym franchisee across the globe

The fitness and gym industry has transformed from ancient time to present arena. Earlier people used to wake up early in morning go to akhadas or any other exercise destination, perform various activities to keep body fit and fine. Desire to build strong body is carried to modern time but actually whole picture is different, technology has changed the way people perform exercise activities. Traditional health practices like yoga and Ayurveda are profoundly performed to relieve tensions occur due to hectic life scheduled. Every individual now-a-days want to look fit and fine, demand for smart equipment to do exercise increased at extreme rate. Fitness and gym franchisee players have recognized public demand, shift their focus from conventional methods to new generational offerings like lucrative equipments and personalized services. Globalization and greater concern for healthy body are driving factors for extraneous growth of fitness industry around the globe.
People living in developing and developed countries have shown great interest in modern day fitness equipment to get relief from various bodily disturbances like obesity. Looking at present scenario, India is emerged as best destination to start fitness and gym franchise because population living in country is comparatively young thus there might be greater demand for wellness activities. As per reports, wellness industry in India has outperformed other segments as 85000 crore business was done in fiscal year 2015-16 and is projected that approximate 2 trillion can be touched by 2020. Number of global and domestic players have identified Indian wellness industry potential, established fitness centre in major cities. This vast development is primarily attributed to changing lifestyle trends, healthcare trends and globalization. The industry is also influenced by shinning industry like bollywood, Hollywood and tollywood. Celebrities having great body are ideal for young generation; inspire young lads to build good physic. Thus there is various business opportunities grow in years to come.


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