Increasing investment to boost education and training franchise business in India

Increasing investment to boost education and training franchise business in India

Over the last decade Indian higher education sector is poised for immense growth; government has taken various measures to encourage new players to strengthen higher education system to deliver quality education to Indian students and also to international students. The number of colleges increased year-by-year from 11,150 to 31, 325 at 11% as well as universities has grown over 500 from 300 at 8% over the decade. Enormous led foundation of new education and training franchise establishments in the country. Though government has shown keen interest to develop transparent education system by proposing various Bills:

  • The education tribunal Bill, 2010
  • Foreign Educational Institutions Bill, 2010
  • National council for research and higher education Bill, 2010
  • Medical educational universities and Institutions Bill, 2010

Quality education is essential to build better nation because future is depend on young generation. If education system is performing efficiently then India will get talented, creative and skilled professionals in coming future. Government’s initiatives like Make in India, Skill Indian, Start up India and Digital India are highly depend of efficiency of education system to produce potential professionals who are capable to do innovative projects. It is crucial to develop ambitious education program that mainly focus to ensure that young generation of the country should obtain optimal skills so that they effectively contribute to nation’s growth and development. According to reports, Indian education system isn’t competing to developing economies and stood at 120 positions among 188 countries. Higher education sector face shortage of skilled staffs, several measures have been taken to improve conditions of government run schools in all over the country. In urban areas private held institutions has gained lots of popularity, offer franchise opportunities as well. Education and training franchise business is booming due to entry of new players. To uplift rural education investment is made into underdeveloped areas to develop education level.


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