Indian marketplace is unlocking new business opportunities

Time period 2008-10 was downturn phase of Indian economy because industries were unable to get aligned with smart technologies. Gradually government has understood that new laws should be enacted to relieve pressure. To some extent things get settled down in the very FY 2011-12. Since then new business opportunities have been growing in market in sectors like entertainment, communication, energy, and consumer durable. At current scenario, masterpiece innovations took place in satellite communication. India became the only country to successfully launch satellites in very first attempt. Industries are empowered through various governmental initiatives. In every Union budget government has focused mainly on employment, agricultural growth, industrial growth and middle class growth.
In current FY 2016-17, it is estimated that lots of business as well as employment opportunities will be created. Till date, government has surprised us with demonetization and goods and services tax. Half of the year has gone but still there is no sign of growth and development. On the other hand several franchise sectors are breaking records, contributing effectively to nation’s economy. For example, food and beverage sector is all set to become mega industry by end of 2017. As well as retail and textile sector is also expanding make space for new players due to amendments in FDI (foreign direct investment) laws. On the other hand, franchise business model is utilized by companies operate in sports segment as well. Overall Indian marketplace is witnessing exponential growth and is considered as best destination by international brands. Low cost business opportunities are created to enable small pocket entrepreneurs to start new business. In order to develop a stable economy everyone’s contribution is significant. India’s economy is largely depending on agricultural production, several industrial sectors also depend on agricultural, in fact, almost half of working living in rural areas. Government has taken several decisions to up lift rural regions of the country.


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