Indians craving for branded products attract international franchise business player

Indians craving for branded products attract international franchise business player

Nineties kids are now ageing 25, their aspirations are quite different. During early 90’s Indian economy wasn’t developed as it is now. Since then lots of things have changed, step-by-step we are exploring how things are transformed. Spending on apparels, consumer durables and foods have been increased as today’s Indian population income level is high. Several industry sectors have undergone gradual shift into organized market creating new business opportunities. It has become easy for government to focus more on industrial development. Percentage of registered companies has rapidly expanded in order to make India a developed country. Young generation, in fact, attracted towards western products they think that Indian traditional attires, foods and cultures aren’t matching to modern world. When travelling in tier 1 and tier 2 cities it is observed that international brands in every segment have dominated Indian markets. Franchise business model is significantly utilized to penetrate major markets in the country.
Now the government is pushing franchise sectors like retail to encourage international brands in order to fulfil needs and wants of fast growing population. State governments of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Rajasthan are reportedly signing trade deals with global leader to invest. For example, retail giants like Tesco, Wal-Mart, Reliance trends, etc. has grown into Indian markets to cater large population. It is estimated that kids born after year 2000 are using more modern day technologies, for instance, innovative video games; smart equipments like smart phones are phenomenally used by children age in between 15 to 20. Hence international brands are entering in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad. Metropolitan cities represent huge growth opportunity for domestic as well as global players. Thousands of famous brands have proved their point; everyday millions of people buy branded products. 1.23 billion Population is fuelling franchise business sector’s growth and development.


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