E-education franchise business opportunity in India

In next five years e-education or online education platform will create lots of franchise business opportunities. Growing dependency on internet is resulted in development of e-educations apps like BY JU’s, now it become easy to for professionals or students who don’t want to travel to distance places for further certified courses or exam preparation. From notes to live classes everything is easily available through various e-learning companies. Day-by-day number of users has been increased and is estimated that industry might touch US $ 2 billion by end of 2020. E-learning platform is still in nascent stage, and can be categorised as:
• Primary and higher class learning
• Certification course for corporate
• Exam preparation portals
• Casual learning
This sector is expected to increase at a rapid rate, there were 2 million users in years 2014 and then after huge jump is observed approximate 7 million users take advantage of e-learning platforms. Several companies successfully established as brand offer franchising opportunities as well. For example, BY JU’s incorporated in year 2013 has become one of the best platforms to learn basic concepts. In addition, there are number of start-ups line up to make entry to serve India large population. Brilliant students living tier 2 and underdeveloped regions also take e-education as opportunity to clear their concepts. Things get simpler, you it has become possible to join online classes provided by lecturers in foreign countries. Physical educational systems are also adopted e-learning concepts to give new experience to students. Near about 50 % of enquiries for e-learning is comes from tier 1 and tier 2 cities. However, after launching of 4G network throughout India is significant step towards creating a ‘Digital India’. You Tube is best platform for utilized by millions of users. E-education market is growing at a rapid rate but still there are lots of things that should be developed like best network and database.


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