Franchise business rules and regulations around the world

Franchise business rules and regulations around the world

Officially there are 196 nations around the globe connected with UNO (United Nations organization); however industrial growth and development in these nations didn’t suppose to be equal. Developed economies like United Kingdom, Australia, USA, Russia and France have great infrastructure to support industrial development. International Franchise Business model has grown significantly over the decades, different countries have developed rules and regulations required to follow by every franchise providing company irrespective of size, revenue generation or brand value. Here we are discussing over basic laws followed by leading franchise establishment countries.
1. USA – Concept of franchising was commercially originated from USA and it remains at top position in today’s fast-paced environment as well. Individual state laws and United States federal laws are two basic set of laws imposed on franchise industry. Franchisors have to mention goods or services offered, substantial marketing plan, trademark and payment mode. Apart from this, legal documentation had to follow by both franchisee and franchisor.

2. China – By 2016 there were approximate 2000 franchise brands in various business sectors, large population and adequate resources encouraging number of global franchisor to invest in China. Basic rules including, a franchisor should own an enterprise, possess registered trademark, patent or business plan that suits Chinese economy. Global franchisor at least has two outlets outside China in operating condition under franchise business model. It is just overview of basic laws for more information you can do proper research.

3. India – Second most-populous country in the world is favourite destination for franchise establishments. Unlike USA and China, there are no specific laws regulated franchising in India. Franchise Agreement or contract relationship between franchisee and franchisor would be enforced by government.
These are leading nations where franchise establishments are more as compared to rest of economies. For more information you need to visit official government website and also asked questions to gain essential knowledge


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