Franchises with low start-up costs are always profitable in today’s competitive world

Franchising is fastest growing industry and those who own franchises deploy a number of strategies to remain on top position. Evaluate what you want to achieve with your business, if you’re looking for low investment franchise that operates from home then focus on brands that offer home-based franchise opportunities. In today’s competitive world individuals are seeking to buy franchises that have low start-up cost as well as provide extensive training, marketing and other miscellaneous support. Home-based businesses are more convenient rather than commercial business for entrepreneurs wants to invest low amount.  One of the major challenges faced by individuals to become a franchise owner is high initial start-up cost. For example, on average the investment requires to set up new restaurant is above INR 10 lakhs.  Thus it is essential to search in particular industrial sector, business category or brand that offer low investment models.

How to find low investment models

In this day and age, there are various brands that provide service related franchises. For instance, home cleaning, painting, interior designing, pickers & movers, etc. are affordable business due to nature of their models. You don’t need to invest in developing a luxurious office; simply you have to create pages on social media to promote business in your locality. Apart from this, personal healthcare taker service business is also gaining popularity. In European countries, various companies offer franchises for home-based services with low start-up costs. Running a business from home is beneficial as you don’t require commercial space.


  1. Low expenses – Home-based businesses are always cost-effective and convenient for entrepreneurs that want to invest little money. You can use money in marketing and other business related concepts.
  2. Technology – In order to reach maximum customer you can develop e-commerce business which can be operated from home office.
  3. Staffing cost – In home-based business you can involve family members for various activities. Staffing cost would reduce if you use modern-day technology to manage various business related activities.
  4. Equipments – Your home already equipped with light and internet connection, you can take advantage of it and start a successful low cost business in limited time period. Apart from this, there are various free tools available on internet that helps you during initial set up.
  5. Steady growth – personal management is beneficial if you engaged in services based business. You can make it big after early successful years.

Future is bright for entrepreneurs in franchise business

Thousands of franchises have already established in Indian markets and more brands are estimated to enter the competitive markets in coming years. Here are some facts about franchising in India:

  1. Franchising is big business in India
  2. 60 % of food and beverage brands expand through franchise model
  3. Around 2000 franchisors actively present in India at present time
  4. More than 300000 franchisees
  5. Millions of people get employment
  6. US $ 50 billion (approx.) revenue generated
  7. 30 % growth rate annually
  8. Retail, education & training, entertainment, jewellery, home services, professional services, etc. are fast-growing sectors

Advantages for franchisor

  • Business expansion – After few successful years, you want to expand business in new locations to reach more customers. Franchise model is cost-effective and easiest way to access to capital for huge growth. You can take advantage of franchisee’s knowledge about local market and regulations.
  • Maximize sales – Establish own branch is quite expensive, through franchising burden you can easily penetrate competitive markets. You need to provide training and initial support to set up new branch. It is franchisees responsibility to generate sales.
  • Brand awareness – Franchising is cost-effective way of marketing. For example, if someone invested in your business and develops a new brand in his/her native place then local people automatically knows about your brand. It goes without saying that it is free marketing of your business by franchisees.
  • Revenue generation – Before planning for franchise model it is crucial to develop legal documents regarding franchisee and loyalty. Some brand offer amazing margin to franchisees.

Franchising is fastest and low cost model to promote your products in new territories. In country like India, franchising allows companies to sell products to young generation of the country. Entrepreneurs who want to write own success story should focus on franchise business model.

Franchising: the most profitable way of investing in India

As the population of India increase, people require more employment. Indian government encourage people to become entrepreneurs so that unemployment problem would sort out easily. On the contrary, starting business from scratch is always difficult in this competitive landscape. For individuals who want to buy another company’s brand name, logo, products, etc. should invest in franchise model. India’s franchise industry is booming at present condition of time, every year domestic and global brands operate in various sector expand into new markets through franchising. According to surveys, the number of young individuals aged between 20 and 30 in India who became entrepreneurs rose by 50%. Today India is fast-growing economy in the world, approx. 20% of population at present eyeing to become entrepreneurs. Franchise sector is expected to grow around 30% in coming years thus there would exceeding business opportunities create for young generation.

Starting a new franchise business in India is easy because there is no specific laws impose by Indian government on franchising. You have observed that there are numerous international brands expanded into Indian markets largely over past few years through franchise model and new brands are also likely to expand. Young entrepreneurs should take advantage of governmental policies to establish new business. In order to start franchise business you should contact franchise consultants for better guidance and options. For instance, Connect Franchise is one of the leading franchise consulting organizations that offer cost-effective and top-quality services which are helpful to build business in quick succession of time. Franchises operators particularly in food and beverage sector have been extremely successful and have generated huge revenues. Thanks to increasing urbanization, globalization and huge consumer market for vast growth of Indian franchise sector. Furthermore, entrepreneurs seeks to invest in other categories like education & training, retail, entertainment, jewellery, home services, etc. Franchise industry is worth US $ 50 billion at current scenario and will grow rapidly in forthcoming years.

Automotive franchises in India has grown by 15% in past few years

Buying a franchise in automotive segment is a good choice to earn huge profits. The Automotive franchise comprises of various services like such as vehicle servicing, car interior accessories, oil change franchises, automotive repair & parts, car wash franchises, car sales, bike service centre, etc. The Automobile industry in India is rising due to large production of two wheelers, luxurious cars, passenger cars and commercial vehicles. After facing number of challenges from 2010 to 15, Indian automobile sector is emerged as one of the fast-growing sectors than ever in year 2016. Followed by Demonetization and GST,   there is decrease in sales has been recognised but after still huge growth is expected to achieve in 2017 in all categories includes two and three wheelers, passenger and commercial vehicles. Tatar motors, Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai motor India, Ford India and Mahindra & Mahindra have shown great increase in domestic sales. There are few sub-categories quite popular in automobile franchise sector, new entrepreneurs can start business.

How franchise model fits into automobile sector  

Enormous demand for two, three and four wheeler vehicles influence Indian economy as well. Various franchise business opportunities generated such as:

Car washing services – It is one of the fast-growing sub-categories in automotive sector. Several companies offer automatic car washing franchise business opportunities. You can earn huge profits because low investment is required to set up car wash centre.

Bike service centre – Young generation has shown tremendous interest in buying fast racing bikes. You can start own two wheeler bike service centre. As per needs and requirements in your locality, contact any brand that offers low cost business opportunities.

Car and bike Decoration – People now-a-days have become more fashion and trendy. You have seen several decorative are used to make vehicles exterior or interior extraordinary. This sub-category is also profitable as well as fruitful in today’s competitive environment.

Various marketing concepts useful for franchise based business

If you’re interested in franchise business model, get ready to search new concepts of marketing so that product or services that you want to offer can reach to potential customers easily.  There are different concepts of marketing which are substantial to develop successful business. For instance, social marketing concept, production concept, product concept, selling concept, and marketing concept, etc. are significant to establish new business. It is your responsibility to attract large number of audience through focusing on emerging market concepts that fits into competitive environment. Here few concepts that you should focus:

  1. Social marketing – Increasing Smart phones in market is underlying factors for huge demand of social media. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are best sources to promote new products or services at global platform. Every year there is dramatic increase in social media user, approx. 1 billion users are effectively use social media on regular basis.
  2. E-mail – It is one of the convenient ways to reach potential customers in quick succession of time. Everyone is having e-mail ids; you might send attractive e-mails to give information about ongoing campaigns and discounts.
  3. Public relations – You develop effective public relations through various corporate social responsibilities. Organise events to launch new products so that maximum customers see how your company focus on consistent innovations.
  4. Local community – It is essential to emphasize on local community needs and wants. If you have great understanding of sales and promotions then you can attract customers.
  5. Marketing mix – It comprises of various elements such as price, promotion, place, and product. Marketing mix should be utilized to promote new products or services in different markets.
  6. Customer feedback – Competitiveness of products can increase by taking vital feedbacks from customer on regular basis. Some multinational corporations do various surveys to collect information about what customers are eyeing for and what improvement is require.

Making the right choice: choosing best franchise business

It is not an easy task to choose best franchise from thousands of Franchise opportunities. Before you invest in any specific franchise opportunity, you need to consult with franchise consulting organizations. Several people engage in franchise business models for a number of reasons. For instance, professionals associate with multinational corporations often choose franchising to start new career as entrepreneur. Here is the list of things that you should emphasize to choose the franchise business in quick succession of time.

  1. Investigation – Franchise sector is so vast, there are various industrial or professional business sectors in which you will get variety of brands. It is your interest to focus on specific sector, category and brand. Several franchisor offer phenomenal training as well as marketing to establish new franchise is distant locations. Take time to evaluate your skills and interest and most significantly the industry in which you’re planning to operate.
  2. Franchise consultants – You can take advantage of franchise consultants, they recommend popular brands in your desired sector and also guide you to establish new franchise. On the other hand you should conduct own research to find best franchise coach. At present condition, Connect Franchise has beaten counterparts and produce phenomenal products or services to establish new business based on franchising.
  3. Franchise documents – Each has its own laws and regulations. In Indian there is no specific laws for franchise model, only legal agreements is signed between franchisee and franchisor.  
  4. Franchise types  – education & training, retail, Food & beverage, entertainment, jewellery, home service, etc. are various categories booming at present condition. There are numerous opportunities in foodservice sector as approx. 25% franchise market is dominate by F&B sector.  

5. Quality franchise – Some franchisor provide training, marketing and other support during initial stage. Try to search franchise that offer quality services and have vision to grow at rapid rate.

Is Indian book market to grow rapidly through franchise business model?

Indian book market has undergone gradual shift, book publishing segment is ranked at 7th position and approx. 16500 publishers are actively present. Book market in India is worth US $ 300 billion at present and is expected to reach Rs 800 billion by 2021. Next five years is profitable for book market due to emerging growth in educational and training sector. Moreover, in India reader base is exponentially growing and also book sales will go up as India is one of the largest countries to have English-speaking population. Emerging e-commerce platform benefits book market, giants like Flipkart and Amazon are exploring new ways to promote online retail market. Demonetisation decision had impacted publishing market, sales rate was decreased for three months. Indian government provide no financial support to book market post demonetisation. Half of 2017 has gone but still sales is average.

In this technology based era, readers focus on online applications to read books. In order to expand business, several companies focus on franchise business model. Some book publishers are offering franchise to potential entrepreneurs. Leading publishers include: Oxford University Press, Macmillan, and Cambridge University generate huge profits and are still expanding business in Indian marketplace. There is enough space for domestic as well as global book franchise brands. Franchise business helps fast-growing brands to expand business in different locations. It goes without saying that franchise model has touched each industry sector in India over past years. Book franchise market is in nascent stage, technological advancements are boon for the industry. Comic, educational, corporate related magazines and other books are demanding highly by people. However, educational related books include primary and higher education are publishing at rapid rate. Future of book market is bright as vast Indian population provide lucrative market for new players. Most of books are published in English language and Hindi books share 30 % sales.