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Skills that should be possessed by franchise consultants

If you are interested in buying a franchise or enthusiastic to expand business through franchising, it is essential to find an excellent franchise consultants that guides you in every single step. Now the question arises how to find a professional who deeply understand your business requirements and produce effective results in minimum time period. Working with expert is extremely significant because fierce competition is already in market. In addition, not all consultants will be suited best for particular job, you need to focus on your business strategies and then hire any consultant. At present there are numerous companies running in market which are providing 360 degree solutions. Here are few skills:

  1. Optimal communication: A knowledgeable professional must have outstanding communication skills. Franchise sector is high competitive, you hire consultant who can convince anyone about your business.
  2. Industry experience: A proficient consultant should handle challenges and uncertainties that your company facing and have ability to provide best solutions without any difficulty. Connect Franchise is providing magnificent services, have large network of channel partners in various locations all over the nation.
  3. Resource knowledge: In this digital technology era, franchise consultants must know about latest technology trends and advancements. For example, digital marketing, SEO and SMO are tools which are essential to promote website, products or services.
  4. Self-motivated: Enthusiastic, adroit and skilled broker will always profitable for business. Buying and selling of franchise business is gradually increasing hence a passionate consultant will be best.

Franchise industry is diverse around 300 categories available for business purpose. If you want to become market leader then take advantage of opportunities provided by Connect Franchise. The company is successfully running, committed for effective services to both franchisee and franchisor. It goes without saying that you need to search experience consultant who can help your business to grow.


Top franchise business categories which are profitable


India is one of the diverse nations; industrial sector is pacing due to number of franchise establishments in past few years. Noticeable changes have been observed in economic condition, for example standard of living improved in metros, tier 1, 2 and 3 cities and government is also encouraging domestic as well as global entrepreneurs to invest in local markets. Franchise business sector is contributing largely towards economy of the nation, at present approx. 3 million employment opportunities generated and is estimated that in coming years there will be more business options available for small pocket entrepreneurs. Owning a money-making franchise is an entrepreneurs dream but due to stiff competition inexperience contenders unable to stay in market for longer time. Overall before investing in any franchise categories few things should be considered like: brand value, profit margins, future strategies of brand, services, breakeven point, etc.

Connect franchise is adroit franchise consulting firm which has done fantastic work to bring best brands in sectors: food & beverage, entertainment, jewelry, automobile, etc. Indian brands are growing at rapid rate, boosting employment and export of local products to new markets all over the world. Many of the categories are available but few of them are evergreen:

  1. Food & beverage: Day-by-day Indian population is enhancing, consumer spending are positive for franchise establishments. Food and beverage franchise segment is always fruitful, there are number of brands that offer magnificent support to franchisee.
  2. Retail: It is also a top category for investment. Retail sector is a multibillion dollar and is projected to generate lots of business opportunities in next five years.

Automobile: Increasing demand for automobiles over past few years is beneficial for Indian economy. Doors of new business have been opened, local and global brands are entering in Indian marketplace through franchising route.

Role of franchise consultants in food and beverage business expansion

Food and beverage industry is full of uncertainties and is also sensitive because it influences daily routine activities of all species including human being on the planet. Significant development has been observed in service industry, consumer megatrends play huge role in shaping forthcoming prospect of food industry.  F&B companies must focus on factors: constant innovations, high quality services and product, maximum efficiency, operational flexibility to make more and more customer happy and satisfied. Due to stiff competition, companies are looking to make everything automated so that production and profitability can be increased. Nutritious food demand, better packaging, etc. are driving factors which affect progress of industry. F &B sector is adaptive to franchise model as it is cost-effective method, small and large pockets entrepreneurs can easily expand business with help from franchise consulting organizations.

Franchise consultants are key professionals who have knowledge of basic concepts, metrics and plans which will be helpful to grow trade through franchising route. Food and beverage sector is dynamically changing owing to steady nurture of food franchise model, in fact, at present every brand after successful initial years start thinking to franchise it. If you are considering consultants, Connect Franchise is ideal platform to connect with popular brands in various categories. SMEs (small and medium size enterprises) are taking most advantage of franchise model to reach maximum people. Furthermore franchising is best way to create brand awareness and value by investing few amounts.

In India, franchise industry is burgeoning several international brands are penetrating local markets; tier 1 and tier 2 cities, metros are major targeting locations over past few years. But technological advancements has changed whole market scenario people in semi-urban and rural areas are aware about franchise, thus enormous business  opportunities are creating across the nation in future as well. F & B is best category for investment purpose.

Franchise sector: Key to fantastic business opportunities

The number of establishments, employment and revenue generation in franchise industry is steadily increasing and at present scenario size and market growth is appreciable. That means every year business opportunities has been increased and new categories like home services, professional services, automotive and entertainment gain popularity. During initial stage there were only food franchise brands in India but as of 2017, accelerating entry of brands in different sectors has been observed. Lots of people depend on franchise industry for employment, for instance in India millions of job created through food franchise brands.

List of categories growing exponentially

Food and beverage: No doubt people are spending huge amount on food and beverage items. Furthermore, demand of ready-to-eat foods such as burgers, pizzas and French fries gone high these days, international and domestic players are focusing mainly on franchising route in order to create brand awareness.

Entertainment: Steady development in entertainment has created lots of franchise business opportunities, for example, video games, kids’ zone, etc. franchises are available for sale in Indian markets. Apart from this, low investment models are offering by brands. Connect Franchise is leading online portal where you can find lots of entertainment franchise.

Jewellery: In past few years, gems & jewellery sector has shown unprecedented growth and scrumptious market value. At present number of brand in organized format offer high profit margins franchise opportunities.

Education & training: tremendous business options exist in education & training franchise sector. You can start play school, training institute, college, etc. It is one of the fastest growing sectors and Indian government is also paying attention for quality education.

Retail: Drastic changes in consumption pattern have resulted in development of online and physical retail stores. It goes without saying that competition is high but at the same time lots of opportunities will be generated due to consumer demands.

Small business opportunity to serve quick services – Vending machine franchises

Buying a franchising is notably as per your own interest area or business category will be beneficial. Investing in popular franchise model means you will eligible to sell company’s products or service that customers trust and value. You can easily get wide-ranging franchise brands for variety of services in any field. Vending machine franchises are one the small businesses to earn huge profits. Everyone whether children, adolescents, middle or old-age people likely to purchase favourite snacks from vending machines. A vending machine franchises business concept is quite unique and can be started within little investment. In a fast-changing lifestyle people looking for quick services without any complication, vending machine set up in traffic areas like railways platforms, malls, and amusement park are great advantage to serve society.

Vending machines is basically a programmed system that provides products like beverage, snacks, tickets, etc. to consumers after money, debit or credit cards inserted into machines. In some countries products like chocolate, matches, cigarette, soap, chewing gum, drink water bottles of pouches, newspapers, book, pizza, etc. New technologies are significantly contributing for developing smart vending machines. Advanced internet network, various types of sensors, digital touch play, identification system like RFID and embedded system are latest innovations in this type of business models. New operators utilized all these concepts to create attractive machines, reducing operating costs while enhancing user experience. Entry of large brands has transformed purchasing trends, now all essential daily routines products are sold through vending establishments.

In vending machines concept is still not developed but market will be boosted due to increasing population, changing lifestyle and consumption pattern. Franchising opportunities are also limited as companies didn’t step up large number of machines network. It is expected that Indian marketplace will be delighted as well as stimulates the demand for vending machines in coming future.

Healthcare franchise opportunities to serve society

Healthcare is so vast comprises hospitals, clinical equipments and methodology, health insurance and medical facilities. Over past few years it is observed that increasing population required high-quality healthcare services. Both private and government based healthcare centres are available but growth of private sector is gradually increased provide majority of highly equipped medical facilities. However, medical tourism or health tourism is popular now-a-days, researchers from various countries travel across borders to gain essential knowledge about new ways of healthcare. Near about all developing and developed economies identified medical tourism as best way to overcome dangerous diseases. Several healthcare service provider offer franchise opportunities, for example, in India Apollo hospitals group emerged as one of the biggest healthcare chain. Franchising in healthcare sector is difficult to apply but some players have made it easy and simple. Healthcare franchise is still in nascent stage, both national as well as global brands are looking to penetrate huge Indian marketplace.

IT support is seamless for healthcare industry growth and development; franchisor can monitor franchisee activities through various clinic management software solutions. Franchisee had to undergone intense training programmed to aware them about needs and wants of healthcare system is specific city or region. Broadly speaking there are challenges observed by potential franchisor in healthcare because sometime franchisee don’t follow standard procedures. Overall idea of healthcare franchise is to give better care for patients. Indian government is also contributing a lot towards healthcare system; number of central government based facilities is created to offer free or low cost medical services. O the other hand private sector is booming due to providing quick and quality services to customers. The industry also employed approx. 5 million people throughout the country, become favourite sector to invest on. In India there is remarkable untapped business opportunities created, however rise of biotechnology and advancement in medical facilities will definitely work positively for healthcare industry.

Franchise business is source of income for so many small businesses

Franchise business is source of income for so many small businesses

Countries where industrial development isn’t growing well and recession will come as surprise, employment opportunities are degraded. It is essential to overcome uncertainties to empower young generation to explore new business ideas. Franchising is a proven model successfully run when economic crisis occur in country, irrespective of trouble franchise business model is always a ray of hope in the face of macroeconomic troubles. There are approximated 300 business sectors that falls under franchise business throughout the globe. The burgeoning population on the planet is matter of concern because resources available are less as compared to population growth. Franchise business is comprised of various sectors but service sector is continuously showing amazing growth rate and remains one of fast-growing sectors in today’s competitive environment.

Small business owners who still listed under unorganized market share could be shifted to organized format through franchising. Recent studies have suggested that near about 50% of companies that offer franchise have succeeded to expand business in new territories. It is proved that franchising would be act as fuel for organizations that want to achieve new heights of success. As technology is advancing, small as well as medium sized organizations have undergone infrastructural shift and try to implement modern-day equipment in commercial operations. For example, a small vendor selling clothes in particular region quite famous and large number of people visited on daily basis. Now if owner want to establish another store with same name should utilize franchise concept. In this way brand value can be created and new customer get to know about products or services. It goes without saying that franchise business sector is still in nascent stage and has shown unprecedented growth in recent time. It is expected that several business owners in small scale industry utilize franchising concept to reach new customers. Small scale businesses are pillars of economic growth and stability because number of local people gets employment from these businesses.