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Skills that should be possessed by franchise consultants

If you are interested in buying a franchise or enthusiastic to expand business through franchising, it is essential to find an excellent franchise consultants that guides you in every single step. Now the question arises how to find a professional who deeply understand your business requirements and produce effective results in minimum time period. Working with expert is extremely significant because fierce competition is already in market. In addition, not all consultants will be suited best for particular job, you need to focus on your business strategies and then hire any consultant. At present there are numerous companies running in market which are providing 360 degree solutions. Here are few skills:

  1. Optimal communication: A knowledgeable professional must have outstanding communication skills. Franchise sector is high competitive, you hire consultant who can convince anyone about your business.
  2. Industry experience: A proficient consultant should handle challenges and uncertainties that your company facing and have ability to provide best solutions without any difficulty. Connect Franchise is providing magnificent services, have large network of channel partners in various locations all over the nation.
  3. Resource knowledge: In this digital technology era, franchise consultants must know about latest technology trends and advancements. For example, digital marketing, SEO and SMO are tools which are essential to promote website, products or services.
  4. Self-motivated: Enthusiastic, adroit and skilled broker will always profitable for business. Buying and selling of franchise business is gradually increasing hence a passionate consultant will be best.

Franchise industry is diverse around 300 categories available for business purpose. If you want to become market leader then take advantage of opportunities provided by Connect Franchise. The company is successfully running, committed for effective services to both franchisee and franchisor. It goes without saying that you need to search experience consultant who can help your business to grow.


Franchises with low start-up costs are always profitable in today’s competitive world

Franchising is fastest growing industry and those who own franchises deploy a number of strategies to remain on top position. Evaluate what you want to achieve with your business, if you’re looking for low investment franchise that operates from home then focus on brands that offer home-based franchise opportunities. In today’s competitive world individuals are seeking to buy franchises that have low start-up cost as well as provide extensive training, marketing and other miscellaneous support. Home-based businesses are more convenient rather than commercial business for entrepreneurs wants to invest low amount.  One of the major challenges faced by individuals to become a franchise owner is high initial start-up cost. For example, on average the investment requires to set up new restaurant is above INR 10 lakhs.  Thus it is essential to search in particular industrial sector, business category or brand that offer low investment models.

How to find low investment models

In this day and age, there are various brands that provide service related franchises. For instance, home cleaning, painting, interior designing, pickers & movers, etc. are affordable business due to nature of their models. You don’t need to invest in developing a luxurious office; simply you have to create pages on social media to promote business in your locality. Apart from this, personal healthcare taker service business is also gaining popularity. In European countries, various companies offer franchises for home-based services with low start-up costs. Running a business from home is beneficial as you don’t require commercial space.


  1. Low expenses – Home-based businesses are always cost-effective and convenient for entrepreneurs that want to invest little money. You can use money in marketing and other business related concepts.
  2. Technology – In order to reach maximum customer you can develop e-commerce business which can be operated from home office.
  3. Staffing cost – In home-based business you can involve family members for various activities. Staffing cost would reduce if you use modern-day technology to manage various business related activities.
  4. Equipments – Your home already equipped with light and internet connection, you can take advantage of it and start a successful low cost business in limited time period. Apart from this, there are various free tools available on internet that helps you during initial set up.
  5. Steady growth – personal management is beneficial if you engaged in services based business. You can make it big after early successful years.

Small business opportunity to serve quick services – Vending machine franchises

Buying a franchising is notably as per your own interest area or business category will be beneficial. Investing in popular franchise model means you will eligible to sell company’s products or service that customers trust and value. You can easily get wide-ranging franchise brands for variety of services in any field. Vending machine franchises are one the small businesses to earn huge profits. Everyone whether children, adolescents, middle or old-age people likely to purchase favourite snacks from vending machines. A vending machine franchises business concept is quite unique and can be started within little investment. In a fast-changing lifestyle people looking for quick services without any complication, vending machine set up in traffic areas like railways platforms, malls, and amusement park are great advantage to serve society.

Vending machines is basically a programmed system that provides products like beverage, snacks, tickets, etc. to consumers after money, debit or credit cards inserted into machines. In some countries products like chocolate, matches, cigarette, soap, chewing gum, drink water bottles of pouches, newspapers, book, pizza, etc. New technologies are significantly contributing for developing smart vending machines. Advanced internet network, various types of sensors, digital touch play, identification system like RFID and embedded system are latest innovations in this type of business models. New operators utilized all these concepts to create attractive machines, reducing operating costs while enhancing user experience. Entry of large brands has transformed purchasing trends, now all essential daily routines products are sold through vending establishments.

In vending machines concept is still not developed but market will be boosted due to increasing population, changing lifestyle and consumption pattern. Franchising opportunities are also limited as companies didn’t step up large number of machines network. It is expected that Indian marketplace will be delighted as well as stimulates the demand for vending machines in coming future.

World-renowned services provided by leading franchise business consulting firm

World-renowned services provided by leading franchise business consulting firm

It is quite difficult to build a platform to expand franchise business sector but Connect franchise, leading firm in this context has done tremendous research to bring latest trends and opportunities for its clients. The franchise industry in India valued approximate US $ 30 billion and is expected to touch US $ 50 billion within two or three years. Emerging technologies enforce franchise consulting companies to develop more competitive products or services so that Indian franchise business sector can be shifted to global marketplace.

Connect franchise is doing amazing work since its foundation. The organization is emphasizing mainly on producing innovative business ideas or solutions to support entrepreneurs who want to become part of fast-growing business environment. The opportunity is clear for new brands in sectors like food, retail, education, etc. Massive growth has been expected in coming years due to increasing demand for international products by young generation of the country.

Franchise sector need more specialised player like Channel partner India

Franchise sector need more specialised player like Channel partner India

Connect Franchise is leading name in franchise industry. It is known for its efforts to bring more productive business ideas in live environment. The organization has required infrastructure and knowledge to develop best business solutions and has proven track record of developing popular brands in various franchise sectors. To become market leader it is crucial to create better customer experience, for example, in franchising both selling and buying process go hand-in-hand. Consequently, necessary steps need to be adopted to create best buying and selling franchise experience. Franchise is popular business model and one of the easiest ways to expand business in different territories.

Advantages of franchise model

  1. Tested concept by other company

Competition is tough in every business sector, starting a business from initial concept could be risky. You can focus on franchise business opportunities for better returns on investment. franchise is tested model of some other company, you can use company’s brand name by giving certain franchise fee.

  1. Varieties

Franchise isn’t limited to single business sector but it is utilized by players in fast-growing sector like entertainment, retail, food, etc. You can choose from number of brands as per investment limit.

  1. Easy establishment

You will get training to marketing support from companies that offer franchise. Hence without any trouble you can easily become owner of your business.

  1. Profits margins

Before choosing any brand look for certain things like brand value, profits margins and future opportunities, at present there are number of franchise companies that offer amazing returns

Connect Franchise helps you in every aspect of your business. Both investors and brands purpose is effectively served by franchise consultants working with the company. There are huge varieties of popular brands is available and also directory of investors is so large. Hence the organization is focusing on both process buying and selling franchise.

Significant role of technology in franchise world

Significant role of technology in franchise world

Emerging technologies have changed fortune of franchise business sector. However, technology and business go hand- to-hand; each needs the other to grow. Across various franchise sectors like education, retail, food and apparel, new technologies are developed to provide better customer experience. New start-up companies in IT sector has developed various products to connect business with technology. System, stakeholders and technology are three significant concepts that are interdependent to each other. Without stakeholders no system will run and absence of technology leads to more troubles in managing systems. To become successful entrepreneur, all these pillars should be maintained to drive more revenues. As we all knows that e-commerce platform consistently encouraging organization to make entry in global marketplace, irrespective of industry, size or revenue companies can access e-commerce platform to sell products or services to maximum customers. All players in franchise sector make most of profits from e-commerce platform over the years.

Companies have to adapt with new technologies for sustainable growth, it is fundamental to connect with technology to develop a competitive business model. Digital technologies are providing new paths of success, bring automation in industrial process. It is observed that in next ten years, all industrial process is done through machines only few people will be required to maintain these smart equipments. It is prove that there are pros and cons of technology, on one hand it makes everything easier but on the other hand employment opportunities will be declined. Business leader now demand more technologies to generate revenue, everyone in this world want to become king in their respective sector. Multinational corporations are likely to involve technology as part of strategic planning. Technological developments have enabled companies to attain great success, create quality products to make life of customers easy and comfortable. As technologies are consistently growing at significant rate new business opportunities will be generated in coming year.

India to give a power blow to ‘entertainment franchise’ in a little while

Plenty of options are available for consumers to entertain them. As the media and entertainment industry in Indian is growing at a rapid rate at a compound annual growth rate of 14.3 per cent, estimated to cross a large milestone in terms of revenue. An outstanding amount account for Rs. 2.26 trillion would have been crossed by 2020. Television, print media and other segments has witnessed phenomenal growth in past two years. In addition, the determining factor that plays keen role in development of recreational industry is leisure time. Entertainment has turned out to be fruitful sectors for entrepreneurs because income of middle class has increased as well as more time available for recreation and leisure.

Economic development is essential for entertainment franchise to grow. India is one of the fastest developing economies so market has shown high potential. Moreover, increasing demand for graphics, VFX and 3D hall led to

the creation of much anticipated entertainment industry. In recent time number of national and international brands has offered substantial services in the creative industry. Video games, kids zone, sound and music recordings, motions pictures, online videos, etc. are accounted for one of the fastest and biggest economic sectors. Organizations engaged in recreation industry have tightened belts due to continuous entry of new comers. Day-by-day gleaming industries like Bollywood and Hollywood have urged engineers and technicians to develop robust applications that support high graphics. Dramatically a wave of creative industry is blowing in India. With a population of 121crore India has figured as best destination for investment. In forthcoming year’s media and entertainment franchise will certainly rising high by indulgence of latest technology. Thus organizations have continuously upgraded their services to deliver best to the consumers. Tier 1 and tier 2 cities shining with presence of several modern creative industry players.